Wednesday, September 24, 2008

We're home!! We made it. We were sad to leave our wonderful vacation and our great Italian family. They were so hospitibale and took such good care of us. We felt so spoiled. We left early Tuesday morning and flew and flew! The flights all went very well and the kids loved them. We arrived at 9pm which was actually 5 in the morning for our bodies! We had a great reunion with Bob, Canada , Bushy and Ricky. It is so nice to be a complete family again.

Well, laundry is done, I got groceries and we are ready to jump back into school and activities tomorrow....welcome back to reality!!!

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teters4 said...

Hi Holly! This is Reginia, Tina's sister. I just got caught up on your trip to Italy...what an amazing time you had! It was good to see pictures of Rafaella long have you known her now? I remember some nice talks with her when she was here in the states. Well, I just wanted to say hello. Hope all is well...we miss coming to Sacramento to see T & T and seeing their friends too! Take care... :)